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ATDN's history can be traced back 7 years, in 2002, our founding partner Mortada J opened a small company in BALAD Iraqi.

Mr. Mortada vision was to be the preferred partner to the construction and engineering associated industries. Continuously striving to provide reliable, innovative products and services that reduce the customer’s costs.

To achieve this vision ATDN (will) continuously strive to satisfy the ever changing needs of our key constituencies- our customers, our share holders, our Joint Venture Partners, employees, suppliers and business allies.

Mr. Mortada pledge to his customers he pledged to be a committed partner in their quest to continuously reduce the cost of each operation and project.

To his (our share holders) he, pledged to ensure the long term viability of our business through the consistent generation of acceptable returns on their investments.

To Mr. Mortada employees he pledge to provide the opportunity for challenging assignments, the training to be successful and to succeed and the rewards based on the accomplishment.
To his suppliers/business allies, he pledged a doctrine of fairness and a relationship based on the appropriate sharing of the risk and the rewards.

Mr.Mortada has held himself accountable and has held every manager, every supervisor and all staff members accountable for exercising their professional management skills in every reasonable, practical and timely way to eliminate hazards and to prevent injury to the workforce in their charge.

To ensure that each project can achieve goals as a world class operation now and in the future.

Mr. Mortada has made changes that has advanced his company into a world class operation within Iraqi and other countries. ATDN has grown into one of Iraq leading suppliers and engineering/construction companies. Today ATDN is a complete company proving engineering services.

ATDN serves a wide range of customers including many of the nations largest. Our modern facilities combined with some of the most experienced people in the industry, not only insure a quality project, but give us the capability to meet our clients demanding requirements consistently.

Another milestone in ATDN's history was created in 2002 when several Iraqi business men partnered with Mr. Mortada, to start a construction business called ATDN.

The company made its first mark when it contracted with the USA Government to rebuild the infrastructure. Eventually, Mortada partnered expanded their capabilities to become a renowned construction company and general contractor.

Everyday ATDN applies our vast knowledge of technology and global resources to create value for our associates our suppliers, and our communities. Value through Innovation.

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