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About ATDN Group

The ATDN Group was first established in Iraq after the War. Our roots began with the repair and construction of roads and bridges throughout Iraq that were either damaged or commercial growth required installment of new roads and services. Since that initial startup the scope and nature of our work has led to a diversification into affiliated fields and the development of sister companies whose offices and branches encompass all the major cities in the Middle East as well as important international business centers.

The Group is very proud that our achievements have allowed us to incorporate companies whose scope covers many countries outside of Iraq including the United States, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE and Turkey. Notably our services now include engineering and contracting as well as general trading and distribution.

The ATDN Group moves steadily forward as they undertake projects as main contractors with the overall responsibility of designing and executing completion on a turnkey basis as well as utilizing subcontractors to carry out civil works and electromechanical installations by either consortiums or joint ventures with other firms.

From the time of ATDN's incorporation, the Group adopted a working philosophy which allowed it to dynamically evolve through the years in some of the world's most challenging markets within the industry regarding marketplaces and clientele standards involving budget, quality and strict timeframes.

We are most proud of our success with what we have deemed the pillars of the Group work philosophy.

  • Transparent and trust-based relationships with clients that are aimed at compiling long-term partnerships in a continuously winning framework.
  • To constantly strive to improve the delivery process to meet the highest industry practices.
  • To always meet or exceed client expectations on all projects through a vigilant control process and timely response to all concerns during the completion of delivery.
  • Continuously nurturing the organization to create a vibrant Group that holds strong corporate values with a dynamic and delivery-oriented structure creating the highest quality project.
  • Use of a proactive approach in order to foresee the best way to add value to the customer's needs and requirements while providing them with the highest construction standards available.
  • Building a strong and diversified network of suppliers and service providers in all operating regions as well as many international vendors.
  • Building a strong and diversified network of suppliers and service providers in all operating regions, as well as many international vendors.
  • Nourishing the capabilities, technical knowledge and managerial skills of human capital to meet the increasingly complex requirements of construction projects.
  • Investing in infrastructure enablers such as the most current industry software planning and scheduling solutions, ERP solutions and document management systems.
  • Properly managed financial resources handled by a team of valued and trustworthy professionals who are supported by major banks who can secure the required project funds.
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