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Taj Al Safa

Taj Al Safa Company was established in 2003 and has grown to be one of the largest companies to participate and work in the contracting and trading industry in Iraq. Our creative and innovative work team uses modern systems and methods for their contracting and designing needs for road, sidewalk, residential and trading construction and compounds.Our company has completed many mega-sized projects that have clearly affected the strengthening of Iraq's infrastructure. We have an excellent record of success in the reconstruction process of Iraq as the development of the upgrade training capacity at FOB Solidarity National Police Center clearly shows.Over the years our many successes in the field of construction has led to a high degree of expertise. With this success we diversified into the field of investment. In the past two years we have heavily invested in projects in the northern part of Iraq and are now in the process of building a variety of low-cost housing units to assist persons with limited income. We are also building and developing housing units for the high-end market such as villas with innovative upscale designs.Through these efforts we have decided to open a branch office called Taj Al Safa in Arbil Kurdistan in order to take advantage of the facilities offered by the Kurdistan Regional Government so as to deliver quality products and services during times of reconstruction in this region.
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