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  • Design, procurement and installation of metering skid with meter proofer in Dora oil refinery in Baghdad yr.1984. The skid with all its accessory was fabricated by Italian co. Snam Progetti .
  • 18”/20” lunching and receiving traps for crude oil pipeline, these traps were designed to the required design data following ANSI B31.4 , with following parameters:
    • Design pressure = 30kg/cm2
    • Hydrostatic test pressure = 45kg/cm2
    • Design temperature = 60oC
    • Corrosion allowance = 1.5mm
    • Welding procedure and qualification .acc .to ASME SEC. D
    • NDT:10% x- ray on all butt weld as:
      • Welds and headers for sizes above 6 ins.
      • Magnetic particles and dye penetrate for sizes less than 6 ins.
  • Design and procurement of various sizes pipes for compression station , trans –Iraq Dry gas pipeline (compressor station) yr. 1987, the wall thickness calculations and material selection carried out acc. to requirements of ANSI B31.8 for gas transportation. Other pipe work for utilities or services are computed in accordance with requirements of ANSI B31.3
  • Procurement of material and laying of 10’’ natural gas pipe line of 666m long , yr. 1985. The design acc. to ANSI B31.8, material selection to API 5L GRB SMLS
    • Design pressure =66.2 bar
    • Design temperature =-5 ~ 50oC
    • The p/L is buried with cover depth 600mm at road crossings
    • The P/L is buried with cover depth 600mm at road crossings
  • Various pipe spools for Dora oil refinery sizes 2’’-20’’ yr 1986
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