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Al Nabaa Al Sar

Al Nabaa Al Sar Company is one of the region's major transportation and infrastructure contracting companies with a huge range of equipment at its disposal. We are located in the Al Jadiryia District of Baghdad, Iraq. Within seven years we have been awarded a massive number of projects covering infrastructure projects (civil construction) and transportation missions (oil services). We boast state-of-the-art equipment that includes various modes of transportation such as trailers, low-beds, flatbeds, reefer trucks, tippers, fuel and water tankers. We provide guaranteed services to all major cities in the region. This obligation has led to a solid reputation as a prominent leader within the logistics industry due to having a professional team and the timely movement of all types of manufactured goods that includes bulk liquids, petroleum, chemicals, foodstuffs, raw materials and project cargo. The company has manifested the ability to provide reliable logistical solutions derived from the recognition of the customer's needs.

Our Core Strengths:

  • Wide range of trucks that meet your transportation exigencies
  • Devoted and professional staff at major border points
  • Bonded transportation strategy along with reliable sources
  • Dedicated haulage mechanism for liquid petroleum, chemical, foodstuff, raw material and project cargo
  • Substantial overland transport links within the Iraqi provinces
  • Proven management and logistics plans
We emphasize great importance to understanding and supporting our clients through personal contact and assistance in the planning of our services in order to achieve the best possible solutions and the most cost effective, safe handling of their goods. We believe that the successful implementation of our highly professional standards principally depends upon our ability to anticipate even the smallest details of the operation.

Al Nabaa Al Sar Fuel Haulage's operation is a division that is responsible for the hauling of fuels. The customer base has a broad range extending from prime vendors for expatriate companies to regional contracting with Iraqi ministries. Through our Company's strength in areas such as our built-to-specification fleet, our direct customers are insured to have access to the best services that can be provided within the industry. This has proven to be an essential feature for our valued customers.

Construction and Engineering Sector

Al Nabaa Al Sar was established in 2003 and helped to play a vital role in the support of Iraqi reconstruction programs. It has an excellent proven record of achievement in the mega infrastructure reconstruction projects. Our previous performance was distinguished by our diversified capabilities and has proven that we could cater mega projects with high complex specifications. We have substantiated poignant capabilities to serve hazardous zones with critical mission situations including but not limited to subsidizing fuel, generators and life support services in the most active months of insurgency actions.

Our scope of expertise covers construction and design for barracks, housing, apartments as well as the supporting public facilities, utility system planning, development, renovation, demolition and telecommunication projects.

Work Philosophy

Al Nabaa Al Sar acknowledges that human development is a fundamental factor to the success of our business operations, therefore, encouraging our team to enhance their skills and making that the top priority for our business objectives. This invigorates and relinquishes their full latent energy which will impact the quality of service. Bear in mind the attainment of new blood provides long-term learning to the advantage of the team.

  • Our pivotal emphasis is safety first and last
  • Quality of output according to the standards outlined in the scope of work
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovation and work distinction
  • Synergetic concept among the organization

Al Nabaa Al Sar has always aimed at assimilating the core requirements for clients including the secure delivery of projects according to the specified design, time and allocated budget.

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